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DIY Daily - Use Cards And Envelopes To Give Suggestion To Many Guests

DIY Daily - In order for many guest tables and benches to not be confused, you need to use cards and envelopes. This problem also makes it easier for many guests to get their seats, such as places and escort cards. On the envelope and card, you need to write the name of the guest and the table number. On average these cards can be placed near the entrance of the area in alphabetical name of the guest. Or there is another alternative is to use a board that lists the names and seats of many guests. The board was then decorated as beautifully as possible and placed near the entrance of the area. You can specify among others or use all three to make it more complete and there are no guests who sit wrong. - Even though it looks simple, the seating party design is no less difficult than standing parties. In fact, with the number of guests who are a little not recognized you are required to make a wedding banquet not as expected and run smoothly. Have a try.

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