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Celebes - The Shape of the Kitchen Has White Shades

Celebes - Some people might think of white as one of the colors that must be prevented for decorating the kitchen because it is risky dirty. But it is important to understand, the white color will make the minimalist kitchen area seem more spacious and relieved. So that it doesn't look monotonous, you can combine white with wood or other spotless materials at a number of points that are risky for stains. Beyond that, you can also use natural stone to make the walls of the kitchen look more attractive. - Minimalist kitchen designed with a dark feel will make the cooking area more elegant. So as not to feel bored, use materials that have reflective properties in a number of corners of the area. You can also use gray ceramic walls to make your kitchen more lively.

Celebes - Not just using white or black shades to design a minimalist kitchen, wood material can also be an option. Wood-lined walls will make the kitchen look more natural and comfortable. Avoid wood with a busy structure for broad impressions in the kitchen. You can also use natural stone ceramics on the sides of the table, stove and wash basins so that they are clean.

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