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Festival "Nam Hai" held on 2 days 9th and 10/3 lunar calendar at the "whale" town "Ganh Hao" district "Dong Hai". Festival with the aim of remembering the goodness of the whale - be fishermen, coastal style is a general South Sea by according to legend, the whale can help the fishermen out to sea, pass the big wave big wind when you see the buy storm, or hurricanes.

Festival "Noc Nang" lasts from day 15 to 17/2 lunar calendar in gia Rai district. The purpose of memorization, gratitude to the predecessors fighting spirit indomitable, resilient in the year 1928 on fields Sting of Crutches. During the festival usually takes place activities such as: exchanges in food, competitions of chess, tug of war, kite flying, banging pots...

Festival Quan AM Phat Dai on December 22, 23, 24/3 lunar calendar every year, where are organized festivals Vía, attracts thousands of tourists with Vietnam visa on arrival to come t o visit.

Festival da co Hoai Lang held from October 13 to 15/8 lunar calendar every year at the memorial house of musician Cao Van Lau. Festival to remember, with gratitude his merits, his contributions have been huge for the birth and development of the song. Activities taking place include programs, performing arts, exchange traditional music, anniversary music, lantern parade and moon drop flower, showcasing artifacts, photos of musician Cao Van Lau, and the products of traditional craft... moon worshipping Ceremony held on 15/10 lunar year of the ethnic Khmer, this is at the end of the season, the festival aims to show gratitude to the God of the Moon - gods are brought to a good crop fresh. Moon for the Khmer people's gods maneuvering crops in years, the offering was a crumb up. In this holiday Khmer people also organized a ngo boat race traditional festival drop water temple lamps the wind was very jubilant and boisterous.

Source: Du Lich

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